Pink Cat's Eye Bead & Silver Bracelet for Baptism, Christening

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Baby Blessings
Pink Cat's Eye Bracelet

This little bracelet features 4mm pink cat's eye beads with 3mm silver plated beads.  There is a silver plated 1/2" heart with an engraved cross. The bracelet measures 4" with a 1" extension.  It comes in a long, pink deluxe gift box.  Inside the box, it reads:

Of all God’s blessings big and small, a baby is the

best of all; a precious soul to love and raise, to

guide and nurture in God’s ways.  A precious life

to shape and mold whose tiny hands are yours to

hold; a life entrusted to your care to bathe in love

and wrap in prayer.


Your lie will be so richly blessed with lots of joy

and happiness, you’ll wipe away the baby tears,

enjoying her for many years.  The fresh clean

scent of baby soap, the innocence so full of hope,

your life will never be the same; so welcome her

in Jesus’ name.


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A beautiful bracelet to celebrate a little girls' Baptism.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review