First Holy Communion

Posted by Lisa Marie Kemp Stadele on 12th Mar 2017

First Holy Communion

Young Catholic girls and boys look forward to their First Communion – that day when they first will receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The girls dress up usually in white dresses and veils and boys in suits for this special occasion. They are recognized as having reached the age of reason, the age of knowing right from wrong, the age of knowing the difference between ordinary bread and the Holy Eucharist, the age of believing in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The children prepare for months with classes or special study, with their parents, teachers and priest.

We Catholics are invited weekly, daily, to share in the Table of the Lord. We want our children to come on our journey, to continue to grow in their faith and their love of Jesus. And although they will receive the Holy Eucharist many, many times in their lifetime, the first time is special. Many children receive special prayer books and rosaries at this time to help them celebrate this day and remember it. They cherish these for years. (I still have my First Communion rosary, almost 60 years later.) Other special gifts are crucifixes, statues, and jewelry.

Is there a child in your life taking this major step in his or her religious life? Give them a gift to remember this special day.

Check out Lisa’s Catholic Treasures website for special gifts for First Holy Communion. Here is the link: