Crucifixes and Crosses

Every home needs at least one crucifix to remind us that Christ gave his life that we might live, and some people put them in every room. 

We offer crucifixes from small to large, simple to elegant, and many different materials.  We have wall crucifixes, tabletop crucifixes, and necklaces.  Some saints have crucifixes that they are associated with, especially St. Francis of Assisi with the San Damiano Crucifix, or the St. Benedict Crucifix with his medal situated where the beams cross. The Renaissance Crucifixes are the most natural looking.  The olivewood crucifixes are made by the Palestinian Christians in and around Bethlehem. One of those contains frankincense, myrrh, flower petals and soil from the Holy Lands.

Our crosses celebrate births, Baptism, Dedication, children, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, marriages, and bereavement.  They remind us of Christ - His names, His Miracles, His Last Supper, and His Passion.  Crosses are either designed to hang on a wall or sit on a tabletop, desk, or shelf.

The crucifixes and crosses are wood (walnut, olive, mahogany, ash), pewter, porcelain, resin, and metal.



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