Rosaries come in many different styles and colors with different types of beads, but they all have one thing in common - to help guide us in our prayers.  The rosary is the prayer the Virgin Mary has given to us and asked us to pray time and time again.

Our Catholic rosaries have wood beads  Irish themed rosaries, rose-scented rosaries, Miraculous Medal bead rosaries, ladder rosaries and lasso rosaries.  Beads are red, blue, lavender, green, white, clear, and pink.  There are cord rosaries, rosaries from Israel, Latin America, Italy, Portugal, and some made here in the United States.

Our unique rosaries feature centerpieces from Lourdes and Fatima, plus our own creation for the Restored Order of the Sacraments with a double sided centerpiece

Find the rosary to fit your needs, whether it is for your own use, or a gift for someone else.  There is never a wrong time to give a rosary.



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